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horizontale linie

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horizontale linie

horizontale linie

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The calligraphy webshop is being modernised

The Calligraphie-Shop is being jazzed up!

The office and the web shop will be modernised within the next few month. Until then no shipping of calligraphy accessories is possible!
If you would like to receive a message when the new shop is complete and working again, please use the Contact form contact form to leave your mail address.

Thank you for your patience!

Calligraphy dip pen nibs

calligraphy pen nibs Here you find the largest selection of high quality calligraphy dip pen nibs worldwide, 95 % of which are no longer manufactured.

This extraordinary choice covers more than 1100 different makes of lettering nibs, round nibs, pointed nibs, nibs for drawing and sketching, poster pens, ball pointed pens, nibs for the lefthanded and graphos nibs as well as different nib assortments.


Nach obenPenholders

pen holders

The marbled pen holders are individually handmade and the marbling therefore varies in design. For those with a more simple taste we have natural oiled penholders.

We also offer special pen holders for drawing pens and Oblique Penholders for Anglaise (Copperplate).


Nach obenCalligraphy inks

calligraphy ink


Homemade calligraphy inks: some made from good old-fashioned recipes, some from new-fangled recipes with a considerably better quality than standard inks made from aniline dyes.

One of our specialities is the glossy inks. Because of the fine light-reflecting pigments, these inks are also suitable for dark paper.


Nach obenIndian ink

Indian ink from Rohrer & Klingner, Germany

A selection of high quality Indian Inks from the renown german manufacturer "Rohrer & Klingner".

As opposed to the water based calligraphy inks, the Indian Inks have a high or full opacity and are suitable not only for the use on paper, but can also be used for the writing on wood or leather (given an appropriate preparation of the surface).


Nach obenInks for fountain pens

Ink for fountain pens

Fountain Pen inks in a small variety of colours likewise homemade in excellent quality, but in bigger glasses and with a screw top.


Nach obenD.I.Y. ink set

D.I.Y. Ink Set

D.I.Y. Ink Set for alchemists and those who want to become one.

The Ink Set contains all ingredients for the manufacture of 0.4 L. of black ink in dokument quality. Directions for use is included, a pot is not.


Nach obenInkwell holders

inkwell holdersinkwell holders made from paperboard

The wooden inkwell holders are personally handmade, sawn, planed and bored by Here you find a link Ronald and myself. Practical and beautiful, too.

As a very reasonable alternative I offer inkwell holders made from paperboard.


Nach obenAlphabet Collection and Exercise Books

alphabet collection with 13 different calligraphy styles and instructions for the use of dip pen nibs

The alphabet collection consists of 13 different styles, compiled by myself. Included are comprehensive instructions demonstrating all the important steps towards the independent learning of calligraphy. Instructions included for the left-handed!

Exercise books for the learning of different calligraphy styles


2 different exercise books with step by step patterns for the learning of different calligraphy styles:

Book 1: Caroline Miniscule, Uncialis and Bastarda Grande Llana.
Book 2: Gothic script, Schwabacher and Kanzlei


Nach obenGift sets

5-piece calligraphy gift sets with ink, penholder and three different nibs 5-piece calligraphy gift sets with ink, penholder and three different nibs, folder 5-piece gift set

A basic starter set which also makes a nice gift. Including one calligraphy ink of your choice, three different kinds of dip pen nibs and one penholder. Also included is a description of the different pen nibs and a short manual for the beginning.


Nach obenAntique pen nib boxes

Antique pen nib boxes from different manufacturers, nib storage tins

Antique Pen Nib Boxes
from different manufacturers, made from paperboard and lined with printed paper - that's how the nibs have been delivered into the shops in older times. Today they are contained in boring plastic boxes.

Antique pen nib boxes, beautiful as a collectible and useful as a nib storage box.


Nach obenCalligraphy paper
Calligraphy Paper

Calligraphy writing pads with spiral binding.

Also available: High quality calligraphy and drawing paper in A4 format, pH neutral, and acid-free for archival quality.


Nach oben Calligraphy postcards

Calligraphy postcardsCalligraphy Postcards, 78 designs
with clever sayings, quotes, pearls of wisdom, poems, Christmas cards and other designs.


Nach obenGlass quills / Glass pen points
Glass quills in different designs

The Glass Quills are individually handmade and each one is therefore unique. The stroke width does not vary. Glass Quills are suitable for normal writing as well as for sketching.

Also suitable for the lefthanded.

Glass pens to put onto normal pen holdersIn older times the Glass Pen Points have been used for everyday writing. The pen points offered here are manufactured by a glassblower exclusively for and can therefore not be found elsewhere. Special holders are also available.


Nach obenReform-Kolbenfüller

Reform-Füller 1745, antiker Kolbenfüller The Reform Kolbenbüller 1745 has been manufacturred between 1930 and 1950. "Reform" was one of the leading manufactureres worldwide for high quality writing aquipment.

„The end of Reform in the year 1957 was ... curios: Ludwig Jung refused, to truck the crafted quality of his products against the at this time unsavoury make of injection-molded bulk goods, and preferred to close the factory, which was no longer maintainable on this basis. (" origin (text in german):


Nach oben Sealing wax

sealing waxExcellent, fragrant sealing wax of the highest quality.

This swiss made sealing wax is manufactured exclusively from high quality and pure natural ingredientes. It's a pleasure to work with it.


Nach oben Seals

Siegelstempel Petschaften

The wooden handles can be combined with different seal designs.


Nach obenLinocut tools

linocut toolsA variety of linocut tools, compatible with normal pen holders. Special holders are also available.